There are many ways to be involved in making this documentary a reality.  On this page you'll discover how you can best be a part of this project.

Potluck Parties

Throughout the entire trip we're having potlucks at every possible location.  Each potluck will be different, depending on the needs of the host, attendees and the documentary.  If you have a space you're willing to open up to our crew, and to rawvegan enthusiasts and experimentalists, we'd love to have a potluck filmed at your place.

Trip Transformation

We're going to take two (possibly three) people with us on the trip and transform their lives through rawvegan food.  These people will get to travel through all of the different states and cities we travel through after picking them up at their location (or an agreed upon location if coming from outside of the US), they will have their meals completely provided and will learn how to survive and thrive on a rawvegan diet.  If these individuals have diabetes, candida, eczema, seasonal allergies, insomnia, continual digestive issues, irritable bowels, etc, they can expect improvement, if not being cured of these problems.  Weight loss is a guarantee for overweight people.  The Trip-Transformees will be on the road and traveling with us for three weeks to six weeks.

While every other way to collaborate with us is entirely free, these Trip-Transformees will need to pay us ahead of time in order to cover all of the expenses involved with the road trip.  The price is not yet decided.

Eco Homes

If you have a home that uses solar power, wind power, rain buckets, or other creative ecological inventions, we want to see it.  Green roofs, green houses: we dig it.


We have learned that some people's "seasonal allergies" dissipate when switching to organic produce.  If this has happened to you, we'd love to interview you and talk about it.

Medical Industry

We're interested in meeting with people who have an inside look at the medical industry and are familiar with today's medications, hospital protocals, etc.

We'd like to talk to anyone who has been to many doctors without finding help, or who searched far and wide before finding a doctor who finally had the answer and what that answer was.

We are interested in speaking with past and present nurses, hospital employees and doctors.


We want to hear from vegans.  What made you decide to become vegan, why have you stayed vegan, and why do you think others should become vegan?  What is the biggest benefit you experience from being vegan?


Why did you decide to forgo cooked foods?  How often do you eat cooked food, if at all?  What is the biggest advantage to being a rawvegan as opposed to a vegan who eats much cooked food?

Rawvegan Restaurant

We're looking to interview owners and employees of rawvegan restaurants.  We want to hear experiences about your personal vegan or rawfood journey, and we also want to hear about your journey starting a rawvegan business or working for one.

We would love to film an event at your establishment.  Raederle, our Rawvegan Chef, would be happy to be an honorary member of the staff to help put on a community awareness party.

Farms & Forest Gardens

We're looking to get footage of organic farms, forest gardens (companion planting at it's fullest potential), and their care-takers.  If you can host a rawvegan potluck at your farm, that is ideal.

Rawvegan Chef

We would love to collaborate with other rawvegan chefs.  We want to make rawvegan food with you, learn new techniques and share our own.  We want to hear your story.  We'd love to see where you operate, film one of your demonstrations, and cross promote with you.

Natural UV Protection

We have learned that the skin's best defense against the sun comes from within.  Sunblock and sunscreen actually cause skin damage due to their harsh chemicals and prevent the synthesis of vitamin D within our bodies.  Long-term rawfoodists have discovered that they do not wrinkle, even in their old age, after prolonged sun exposure.  Are you one of these people?  If so, we'd love to meet you!