Contact Me


Send me an e-mail with your interest in being a part of the documentary trip.

Copy and paste the following and answer them in your message:

1. What city is closest to where you'd like to make contact? (City and State)

2. Are you a farmer, a raw foodist, a forest gardener, someone who has suffered due to genetic modification, or... something else?

3. Are you interested in hosting a living foods potluck at your home or a local venue?

4. Are you interested in taking a part of the trip with us and trying the raw food diet and also becoming very close to the internal creation of the documentary?  (You would need to cover your share of expenses for that part of the trip.)


You can also answer those four questions in a facebook message to me.  Please feel free to friend me on facebook.  If you're a raw foodist, send a request to me in a message to join my raw foodie facebook group.


Please feel free to follow me on twitter. I am phoenixsmuse on twitter. (Phoenix's Muse Creations is my company name for my freelance artwork.)


You can leave a comment on one of my blog entries answering the four questions as well.