Saturday, February 19, 2011

Small Update

Want to be a part of the documentary...?

Do you own a living foods restaurant?

Do you own an organic farm?

Have you suffered from a doctor's ignorance or mistake?

Has eating a raw food diet changed your life?

Do you use "forest gardening" techniques?

Contact us and we may visit you during the road trip for an interview!

Check out the action plan:

Sign up two to four people to travel with us on the trip.
These people would pay for the trip (price not yet determined), and get these amazing benefits:

  • Road trip around the country, lasting for two months (participants may only come along for part of the trip)
  • Immersion into the raw food lifestyle
  • Get the full and correct information and demonstrations needed to be a successful, healthy and happy raw foodie
  • Meet hundreds of other raw foodies around the country
  • Attend countless potlucks, parties, parks, and attractions
  • Have your meals prepared by (&/or with) a raw chef on a meal to meal basis
  • Transform your health and perspective
  • Be free from all of the normal day to day grind
  • Become an integral part of our documentary

Current Contact List For Documentary Interviews & Events:

New Folks:

Wendi Dee: "Hi there, Rawderle! Thanks for your email. I, too, did a raw food cross-country trip and documented it (but not using much video). It's a lot of fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Let me know a bit ahead of time the day you'll be here and I'll be sure to schedule time to talk with you. We enjoy sharing our stories to inspire others. Thanks, again, for your email. Enjoy your trip! Lots of love to you, Wendi"

Jonathan Brody: “Hi Raederle. Yeah, I'd love to be a part of your documentary. Let me know when. Cheers.” (San Fransisco, California) [Raw Bread Creator]

Continued Folks:

Jeff Vetterick (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) [Event Host]

Dan McDonald, also known as the Life Regenerator (Sultan, Washington)

Dale West (Buffalo, New York) [Collaborator]

My Husband [Collaborator]

My most recent upload to youtube... (with my silly little digital camera -- the documentary will be filmed with a real camera.)

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