Friday, January 14, 2011

New Folks, Locations & Trip Themes

I've exchanged some messages with someone my father and I "couch-surfed" during the 2010 road trip. This man is an awesome inventor and a huge participant of Burning Man. Jeff has agreed that he would like to host a raw food potluck for the documentary road trip (assuming he still lives somewhere he can host at the time). He currently still lives in his amazing spacious home in Oklahoma City.

I've also made contact with Dan McDonald, also known as the Life Regenerator and he has expressed his interest in being involved in the project. He's currently living in Seattle, Washington, so I'll add that to the list of locations.

Road Trip Themes:

  • Pharmaceutical Conspiracy
  • Cooked vs. Raw Food
  • Veganism and Raw Veganism
  • Raw Milk & Raw Meat
  • Monsanto
  • Genetic Modification
  • Toxic Chemicals & "Foods"
  • Health, Nutrition & Fitness
  • Disease, Illness and Cancer
  • Farming & Growing Food
  • Forest Gardening

The Documentary Road Trip:

1 to 3 month duration: filming may take place additionally before and after the trip
2 Or More Raw Food Potlucks Weekly
Couchsurfing (Via The Couchsurfing Website)
Visits to farms, interviews with different sorts of farmers

"Definite" (A.K.A. Tentative) Locations:

Boston, Massachusetts
Cary, North Carolina
Wichita, Kansas
Atlanta, Georgia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Los Angles, California
San Fransisco, California
Sacramento, California
Seattle, Washington

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