Sunday, January 2, 2011

Road Trip Experiences & Plans

My Dad and I have ventured on two road trips. (And this site is about the third one which we are planning.)

The first was when I was seventeen, lasting for three weeks. Starting in Buffalo, New York and then going as follows: Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvanian, and returning to Buffalo, New York. We may have grazed the tip of other states, I'm not positive.

I took this from the car on the second road trip... Not honestly sure where...

The second was at the age of 21, February of 2010 through March, lasting for six weeks. We ventured the same route, except that we also made it up to Oregon. Also, instead of just passing through Louisiana, like we did on the first trip, we made it to New Orleans on the second trip where I bought an awesome trench coat that I still love and I was also able to pet a mule (which I keep remembering incorrectly as a horse), which is an unusual experience for me being a city girl.

From the second road trip I have the following entries public online:

North Carolina

Asheville, NC

North Carolina to Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

New Orleans & Texas


Trip Schedule

The Scary Beautiful Adventure (In Oregon) [Part 1]

The Scary Beautiful Adventure (In Oregon) [Part 2]

South Lake Tahoe

The most important thing I learned from the two trips was how much I love Buffalo, NY. Many of the locals of Buffalo believe that it is not a good city and blame their problems on where they live. Now, having seen some of the cookie-cutter cities across the mid-west, I now know that Buffalo is an exciting, diverse place to be full of opportunities. There are few places in the country I'd put above it, such as San Fransisco. But I'd rather live in Buffalo than New York City, Chicago, Wichita or many other cities I've visited.

I've learned how the interstates work.

I've learned that most cities are much like other cities and that the real difference from one place to another is the land. The soil in Arizona is red, whereas it is black or brown in Buffalo, where I grew up. Palm trees, something you'll only see in south western states. Giant redwoods, in Northern western areas of the United States. The large deserts of the south west, including the painted desert where the sands are ever changing color. The petrified wood scattered about the Sedona area of Arizona. The blue-ridge drive along the Eastern states, topping the mountains and giving spectacular views and night-time driving to make you mess yourself.

I've learned that I love traveling: when properly prepared. Of course, no battle plan survives first contact. You think you've thought of everything until you're about an hour away from home and realize the sunblock you brought was nearly empty, and that the ice in the cooler is melted because you left the cover off, and that you never did pack your best traveling clothes that you left on your bed. Most of the purpose of planning things out is so that you feel confident in what you're doing, and so that your options are wide. More than seventy percent of the time my Dad and I have changed the original plans, often several times.

This next trip however will be different. It has to be, because we're filming a documentary. My father has picked up a passion to fight against Monsanto and their tyranny over small farming companies. I have found a passion against the pharmaceutical conspiracy where they make money off of our illness. Doctors are paid for giving up prescriptions, not for keeping us healthy.

The mission is to interview people who have gone through struggles with their health, who have had experiences with genetically modified crops, to talk to farmer's who have been affected by Monsanto, to talk to organic farmer's and learn more about their procedures, to talk to raw foodists, to attend (and host) raw food potlucks as eye-openers, to teach others my recipes, to educate others about nutrition and free them from the bonds of society and mass-marketed drugs/poisons, to discover sources of illness as well as sources of wellness and get as complete of a picture as possible on what's affecting our health today around the United States.

We'll be picking up anyone who wishes to join us (and can afford their share of gas for the time they are with us), and leaving them off where they wish to be left off. We probably will not be making circles except for one main large one, so people who join us will need to have a return-trip plan of their own. We're not a taxi service. Anyone who wants to come along must have a reason founded in food, nutrition, health, genetic modification, agriculture, etc. Wanting to learn more about these things is valid. Wanted to improve one's health is also valid.

I'm also open to taking someone along for the entire trip who wants to "convert" to raw foodism and cure their chronic conditions. (I just assume their are chronic conditions involves since most people in America have at least one if they are eating the S.A.D. -- Standard American Diet.)

Road Trip Themes:

  • Cooked vs. Raw Food
  • Veganism and Raw Veganism
  • Raw Milk & Raw Meat
  • Monsanto
  • Genetic Modification
  • Toxic Chemicals & "Foods"
  • Health, Nutrition & Fitness
  • Disease, Illness and Cancer
  • Pharmaceutical Conspiracy

The Documentary Road Trip:

3 Month Duration
2 Or More Raw Food Potlucks Weekly
Couchsurfing (Via The Couchsurfing Website)

Definite Locations:

Cary, North Carolina
Wichita, Kansas
Atlanta, Georgia
San Fransisco, California
Sacramento, California
Los Angles, California
Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Well, first off it was a mule, not a horse (confer picture 41 of the roadtrip) and desserts are in the southwest, not the midwest. unless you are making a metaphor.

    I don't think we can squeeze off 3 months all at once. So we have to do it in segments. I think we should do a quick run through with plans to return with more in depth stays in particular places.

  2. Oh yes, I also misspelled desert as dessert just as you did and they are not anywhere on the map, except maybe candy apple mountain. lol

  3. We'll be able to spend a week (or two) at Grandma Eva & Grandpa's ranch which is near Witchita Kansas. That will give us time to edit film, talk to some small-time cow ranchers, get some nice footage of cows, update our internet stuffs (twitter, blog, blah, blah) and plan our route. Just as something to keep in mind.